We have listed some of the IAM systems or Identity Access Management tips so as to you can implement solutions to shield the company information from the unauthorized parties and their access by the internal as well as external uses.

  1. End to end access management

Companies should always be able to match every current user account in the Lotus Notes, Active Directory, SAP and other business related apps to a real person who is currently working for the company. Besides the security factor, the unused application licenses can cost you a fortune.

  1. Clearly stated goals

A successful project is the one that needs clearly set objectives as well as deliverables and the streamlining planning and control. The gist is to attain close cooperation between the experienced staff on the customer side and the Identity Access Management solution provider. It is also essential that the project team has the access to the staff members who are experienced in the business process and company related questions. This tends to close the gap between IT and business.

  1. Industry experience and guaranteed prices

Decision makers are usually keen about the nature of the complexity of the project type and about the high levels of investment so the IAM service provider must have the ability to inspire the confidence and trust. This can be easily facilitated by the huge expertise in the Identity Access Management market and the expertise in implementing the requirements of the very company or its industry specific nature. Moreover, the fixed price offers are nowadays in demand, particularly by the smaller and midsized companies, and are generally on the basis of the deliverables package that can be precisely defined before the project even begins.

  1. HR system integration

One of the primary steps should always be integrated to the HR system and automate the connection. The reason for this is that the problems often occur because of the lack of coordination between the HR and the IT department. Any changes in the staff are reported to the IT late. The error rate may also increase if the staff names are being entered manually and in a decentralized manner.

  1. Begin the project with a cleanup

The very first thing to do is to match the individual user accounts with a physical individual. This very process of the user ID consolidation is the very first key step in the detection of the orphaned user accounts.