With the launch of Windows 10 Pro the small business operators have taken a sigh of relief. This seems to be the perfect software for the professionals to shift to. Earlier the best system opted by the corporate employees, small businesses and enterprises used to be the Windows 10 Home. But with the new star on the list, it certainly is fighting for the acknowledgement.

When compared as per the budget shifting to a new operating system would definitely be a pricy affair as the Windows 10 does not come as a free installation but as a single purchase license. We bring out a brief comparison- Windows 10 Home Vs Pro to let you make the decision if it’s worth it!

Remote Desktop connections

Windows 10 home provides for a remote desktop connection but it is strictly restricted to the accessibility as an assistant and not entitled to make much of changes. But when it comes to the new Windows 10 Pro the idea is to bring connectivity to the remote desktops by way of controlled assistance. This means that people from remote locations can be connected to work. This brings in added expertise for improving business!

Support to the business!

Windows 10 Home was a fair operating system with all the features that contribute to making a small or large business function easily. But with the Pro version there have been added new tools which power the business to process multiple tasks that needed to be done manually before. The tools are easy to work with and process the data faster than ever.

Budgetary needs

Of course Windows 10 home or pro are priced pretty much similar to each other. But shifting to a new operating system is the thing of concern here. There is no way for a user to upgrade to a Pro version. For someone who wants to update to a pro version they need to either purchase the pro entirely or get a new PC or laptop where the version comes preinstalled. In both the cases it’s a costly affair.


With Windows 10 professional the users get a special security system i.e. BitLocker. This allows the users to save their files in encrypted form. Therefore even if someone gains access to the computer the files remain safe in encrypted form. These encrypted files can be uploaded to OneDrive for maximum security.

Windows 10 Professionals is a fresh wave of easy working as compared to Home. It brings better security, access and working experience!