Windows operating system is the biggest bet by Microsoft turning the lives of people worldwide. In latest news, it set on to the market new versions of the operating system to meet the needs of the people from different verge of society. This included a specialized student version, the Windows 10 S and also a Windows 10 Pro for the professionals.

Windows 10 Pro key is the locked version for the professionals that is licensed and routed to help the professionals advance their steps to better work. Available as a single purchase this operating system has a range of new features to entail that makes it a hit!


It is an advanced encrypted locking system that follows the footsteps of the Blockchain concept to store and lock the data of the user. It is an advanced system that encrypts and saves the data into locked files so that anyone who is not granted an access cannot reach to the files. It has come as a great relief for the professionals working in a connected environment. Bitlocker is a safe bet to keep your important confidential data away from the potential hackers.

Cloud connectivity

The Pro version comes with its simplicity and fast accessibility to the Cloud connections. One can perform with the cloud connectivity with ease and therefore elevate the work process. Unlike the need for a robust hardware or a server with Windows 10 Pro key one can work straight with the cloud and save their space and hardware requirements.


It’s a one-of-a-kind search browser that keeps your system safe from the hazards on the internet. Spartan is confirmed to be one of the secured portals to connect through for someone in a business environment. With less chance of thefts, hacks etc the browser helps access internet safely!

Hyper V

Virtualization is an addition with the Pro version. Although not much prominent yet in the business world today, but virtual box at work places is slowing being a change. Pro version comes with its own pre-installed Virtualization mechanism but there is a need to have a CPU that supports it.

Remote desktop connection

While windows 10 Home version made it easier for the people to assist through a network, Pro version takes it a step further with ability to control the system remotely. With some settings the device can be controlled remotely from a location.

Windows 10 Pro is an investment into your professional life. It makes way for smarter applications, faster work and powered work environment!